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Tenacious Taco

Update December 2016


Taco is a fun loving little guy. Although small in stature, he is big in personality. His favourite thing to do is to play with his toys, and the joys of destroying them. He also enjoys play time with his human, and will wrestle or play tug with one of his small buddies (chihuahua’s) in his foster home. He also enjoys resting up on your lap, getting belly rubs, and giving kisses. His snuggling skills are to die for! He also enjoys trying to bury himself under his foster mother’s sweaters.

He is an amazing little walker on leash – he prances away and walks with a loose leash, he is still working on meeting/passing people and other dogs with good manners while on leash (he barks and pulls on leash). He does most of his business outside – however will also use pee pads indoors if he needs to go, or when the weather gets cold. Taco has a luxating patella (gr. II-III) in his left leg. No treatment is needed for this.  

Taco has also been found to have a grade 2 heart murmur. He does not require treatment or medication for this condition.

Taco can be standoffish when he first meets people. He growls and barks, and will occasionally try to mouth at and intimidate new visitors, or people he doesn’t know well. He tends to be more reactive to men than to women. It doesn’t take too long for him to warm up to people once in the house, and he has gotten a few treats…he will then join them on their laps (he can be bribed  ). Taco has found playmates in both small dogs he is currently being fostered with, however, he will still try to intimidate them several times a day. Dogs coming into his territory are generally not received well initially (this behaviour improves with each subsequent visit). He will boss them around and harass them – due to his small size this puts him at risk of being injured by another dog if they react to his poor behaviour. 

Taco requires a home that has experience in addressing behavioural issues, as he has made great progress while here, but still has continue work that is needed. He has come a long way, but requires an experienced owner to redirect some of his behaviours in an appropriate manner (otherwise he can become aggressive towards his person if not dealt with in a manner that he is accepting of). His foster mom has no doubt that, with the right owner, he will continue this progress. While being in foster care, he has learned not to be possessive about food, items or toys.  He needs a patient, confident, and creative owner that is able to redirect him appropriately.

His fur-ever home would ideally one where he is the only dog, or one in which there is another small dog that is a good match for him. He can get along with other dogs and he does play with them, but this can also cause them to react as he is persistent when he wants to play or intimidate. So the other dog would need to be tolerant and playful….in addition to being of similar size to prevent any injuries.  His ideal home would have 1-2 humans living in it without children. He likely wouldn’t do well with cats due to his high prey drive (he may do OK if the cat was a ghost/shadow cat).

This little guy is not only cute and adorable, he is super fun, playful and affectionate! Despite the issues he has, the majority of the time he is a joy to be around….and it will not take you long to fall in love with him. His foster mom is head over heels for this silly little guy.

If you think you might be a good fit for this absolutely amazing little guy – fill out an application!
If you would like to adopt Taco, please fill out an adoption application. You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs, please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters, by making a cash donation towards their care.

The amazing Taco has his own Facebook page!

fb“Like” it to keep up with his antics as he waits for his forever home.

Please share far and wide and let’s find this handsome, funny guy a home!

March 2015

Vital Stats

Age: 4yo (dob 5 Nov 2012)

Weight: 5 lbs

Gender: Male, neutered

Location: Mississauga

Adoption donation: $400


Sponsorship Angel!

September 2016

Sponsorship Angel

Huge sloppy kisses to Janet C. for her generous support.
Want to be a Sponsorship Angel too?  Check out how right here.


Update August 19, 2016

Taco has just had his annual vet checkup and has been found to have a grade 2 heart murmur. He does not require treatment or medication for this condition.




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  1. Do you have any near Ottawa because I live in Limoges Ont. I would love to get another small dog that loves to cuddle. I had a yorkie but had to have her put to sleep in June 2015. Miss her so much and would love to get another small dog. I have a pug and he is laid back and he was from a rescue center in Navan.

    • Hi Diane – thanks for your message. CCRT is a national dog rescue group with foster homes and foster dogs around the country. While we don’t have any foster dogs available for adoption in Ottawa at this moment, you never know what tomorrow will bring. If you’re interested in adopting from us, please visit our website and complete an adoption application here:

  2. is this dog still up to be taken into a family oriented home ?

    • He needs a home with adults only (preferable only 1 or 2). And he needs a home that has good experience with behavioural dogs – as he can be aggressive to new people coming into the home, and other dogs. He also will become aggressive towards his humans if not redirected appropriately.

  3. Do you adopt into the US?

    • Unfortunately, we don’t. However, we encourage you to contact the Chihuahua Rescue and Transport, the USA’s national Chi rescue group. We’re certain you’ll find your new family member through them.

  4. I might like to adoptTaco. I am a 65 year old lady.and just lost my Razzle and Dazzle.that I adopted from pet finder. From a lady in Bellville who found them at a puppy mill. I miss them terribly. If I went somewhere they went too

    • Thank you for your message and please accept our condolences on the passing of your furbabies. If Taco, or any CCRT dog, interests you please complete an adoption application. A Regional Coordinator will be in touch to being the process!

  5. Just shy of two years ago, I adopted my Paco from CCRT (his name was Sly). I think it would be adorable to have a Paco and a Taco! But Paco still has much to figure out behaviour-wise. I wonder if they would help each other or hinder progression with things like possessiveness. Thoughts?

    • Thank you so much for choosing to adopt a dog from CCRT! Paco and Taco sound like a potential great dynamic duo! It’s difficult to know if they would be good for each other. You may wish to email us at and ask our Foster Coordinator to reach out to Taco’s foster mom. Perhaps the two of you could discuss this and see what’s possible. Good luck!

  6. Hi, I live in BC, would I need to pick him up or do you have some sort of transitionfor the dogs? Also how is he with other dogs?

    • I also have a little girl chihuahua as well (she’s 8 y/o haha)

    • Thank you for you inquiry on Taco. He’s being fostered with other Chihuahua’s and is doing well. You should follow him on his Facebook – he has his own page here. Your adoption application will still be considered even if you and your future furry family member live far apart. A “meet and greet” is mandatory and you will be responsible for all costs associated with getting to that meeting (i.e., gas, flights, hotels, meals, etc.) in the city where the foster dog is being cared for. If your application is approved and the dog must be transported to your home, you are fully responsible for all logistics and costs associated with that transport. If the transport involves flying the dog, the dog must fly in cabin (no cargo) in an airline approved soft sided carrier accompanied by the adopter. Hope this helps!

  7. My family and I have been looking for just the right little one to adopt in our family. We currently have a 13 year old 7 pound chihuahua Tia who lost her companion Holly, 5 pounds, last year ? It has been very hard for our family and would love to give a home to another chihuahua in need as our Holly was a rescue. Is there any particular reason why he cannot go to a family with kids? Or would my family (my son being 12 and my daughter 4 1/2) be considered seeing as my kids have grown up their entire lives with chihuahuas?

    • Hi Diana,
      The reason Taco is looking for an adult only household is due to his behaviour/aggression issues. We don’t want to place him into a home where a child may end up being injured.

  8. I believe taco would be an excellent fit for our house. Our dog we rescued 5 years ago was to the point they were going to put him down for his behaviour. I told my friend let me take him. Now he’s our social butterfly but still iffy with new people… takes about 5 mins for him to warm up and then he’s good 🙂 so we believe we would be perfect ! We’ve never had a dog with a heart murmur before does this require anything or special attention? I’m home 24 7 on long term disability and my husband works full time so the only time taco would be alone if I have appointments.

    • Taco’s heart murmur is low grade and doesn’t require any treatment.
      If you are interested please fill out an application to see if he may be a fit for your family.

  9. Is he still adoptable?

    • Yes he is!

      • What is your email? I am very interested

        • You can complete an online adoption application form on our website here and that will get the ball rolling!

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