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Rescue, foster, rehabilitate, re-home Chihuahuas in need

Beautiful Baby and Bentley (bonded pair)

August 26, 2016

These dogs are not currently available for adoption.

These 2 little sweeties are a bonded pair and must be adopted together. Adoption donation for the pair: $700

Wow! Two adorable chis looking for their forever home. Baby and Bentley were surrendered to CCRT when their owner could no longer take care of them. They are a bonded pair and as such they need to be adopted together. Because of their small size their new home should have no toddlers or young children. Dog savvy kids over the age of 12 would be fine. Baby is sweet and outgoing to people although she can be barky. Bentley has a sweet temperament but is more timid than Baby. They are healthy and they have had their dental work done.

Very small dogs come with additional care concerns.

They would need a VERY secure safe fenced yard. Baby and Bentley enjoy going outside but they must have constant supervision. They can never be left alone outside. They would be easy prey for outdoor predators of every sort. Speaking of which, if there is an indoor predator, such as a cat in the house, applicants must consider the cat’s behaviour. Baby and Bentley have apparently been exposed to cats. An aggressive cat with a strong prey drive cannot be in the house with them. Another small respectful, gentle dog in the home would be quite fine. And we do mean small. Even a robust 6 lb. chi could be too large. They do NOT interact with the other chis in their foster home. Baby does not like other chis “in her face” and will warn them off with a growl. Bentley will tolerate other chis but does not interact and play with them. If you as a prospective adopter want a buddy for your chi, this bonded pair is not for you.

Neither Baby nor Bentley are leash trained and have never been walked. They are both working on their walking skills in their foster home. In regards to outings, they cannot be taken to a dog park. They are too small and delicate to go to either off-leash or on-leash dog parks. Leash and harness training is a work in progress.

Baby and Bentley play exclusively with each other. They are starting to take an interest in playing with toys but they don’t know what to do with them yet. Bentley hoards them in the little doghouse we have and then he chooses one and tries to bite his way through it. Baby holds one in her mouth, jumps around for a second or two and then leaves it.

Housetraining is a work in progress—they are “newbies” —it’s going to take a LOT of time and patience. They cannot differentiate between pee pads and rugs (or dog beds, dog blankets, etc.). While this is being worked on by their foster family, this is why someone needs to be home to positively reinforce what is appropriate and what is not. Beyond pee pad training, Bentley also marks. Happily, he also responds to correction. You need to be aware of his cues and correct/encourage him prior to him lifting his leg to mark. Baby pees submissively and does it often.

Neither one likes to have their feet touched and they do not like anyone looking in their mouth. This is also being worked on by the foster home. Bentley is also a screamer. If you move too quickly or if you touch him unexpectedly he will scream.

Baby and Bentley love their freedom and run around their foster home. They cannot climb up or down a flight of stairs so those must be gated off. They can manage to go up the 3 stairs from the yard into the house. They cannot yet go down them. Falls are a very real concern for tiny dogs.

Someone should be home at least half of the day. Being away for 3 or 4 hours max would be OK. If you work a full day, i.e. 8 hours or more, that would be too long for them to be alone. That would not be an appropriate application. They cannot go to a regular doggie day care as they would be injured by larger dogs.

If you would like to adopt Baby and Bentley, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for them, or any of our other fosters dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.


Baby (white and tan)

Age: 3 years old (D.O.B January 22, 2013)

Weight: 3 lbs

Gender: female, spayed

Location: Thornhill, Ontario

Bentley (black brown brindle)

Age: 3.5 years old (D.O.B November 22, 2012)

Weight: 3.2lbs

Gender: male, neutered

Location: Thornhill, Ontario

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  1. Oh my gosh they are the cutest ever!!!

  2. How do you apply for the adoption?

    • It’s easy to submit an adoption application for our dogs! Just fill out the application here and a Regional Coordinator will be in touch. Thanks!

  3. Do they get along with cats? I have a cat.

    • Baby and Bentley are very new to CCRT foster care so we’re not sure of many things about them, including how they feel about cats. You can stay tuned to this page for an updated profile and once we know more, we’ll post here.

    • Did you even read over the bio????

  4. What is their temperament?

    • Baby and Bentley are new to CCRT – they’ve only been with us 1 week today – so we’re still getting to know them. Stay tuned to this profile page and we’ll update it soon.

  5. Have they been adopted yet ?

    • No, they have just recently arrived to foster care and have yet to find their ‘forever home’.

  6. Do they get along with dogs? I have a small chichi.

    • Baby and Bentley are new to CCRT – they’ve only been with us about a week – so we’re still getting to know them. Stay tuned to this profile page and we’ll update it soon.

  7. Oh my goodness I’m in love ❤️

  8. Why are they being put up for adoption?

    • Baby and Bentley were surrendered to us and our mission – as it is for all of our special foster dogs – is to find them the best forever home!

  9. Do you know if they are housebroken (pee pad trained)? Thank you

    • Thier foster home is still getting to know and we expect to receive an update soon. Stay tuned to this profile page to learn more about them in the coming weeks!

  10. Any update yet on house trained get along with other animals and children? Thanks

    • Thanks for your message! It usually takes several weeks of foster care before the foster parents can provide input to a profile. Baby and Bentley have only been with us for two weeks, so you can expect an update in the coming weeks. Stay tuned……

  11. Are these two pals still up for adoption?

    • Yes they are!

  12. Do you accept applications from any province?

    • Yes, we do. CCRT is a national dog rescue organization and we have volunteers and adoptions right across the country.

  13. Hello, I submitted my application yesterday. Is there any update on them? Thanks

    • Wonderful, we’re happy to know you’ve submitted an application for them. Their profile was updated moments ago.

      • I am not forr them since I work full days. Sorry

  14. Where in god’s name did they come from to have so many issues? Bless them for sure. We had a little 4 pound Yorkie for 14 years and she could whip up and down the stairs no problem. I applied to adopt Bentley and Baby but didn’t receive a positive response so I’m currently in the process of adopting two little ones from another rescue agency. I hope they find a wonderful home – they certainly deserve it.

  15. Are these baby still available for addoption.

    • Yes they are!

  16. Hi are these cuties still available.
    I was wondering if i am in calgary AB am I able to apply to adopt.
    Thank you

    • Hi there, this adorable duo is still up for adoption. As for adopting them given that you live in Calgary, absolutely! CCRT is a national organization and we operate across Canada. Your adoption application will still be considered even if you and your future furry family member live far apart. A “meet and greet” is mandatory and you will be responsible for all costs associated with getting to that meeting (i.e., gas, flights, hotels, meals, etc.) in the city where the foster dog is being cared for. If your application is approved and the dog must be transported to your home, you are fully responsible for all logistics and costs associated with that transport. If the transport involves flying the dog, the dog must fly in cabin (no cargo) in an airline approved soft sided carrier accompanied by the adopter. Hope this helps!

  17. Was wondering if these two little doggies are still available?

    • Yes they are!

      • What’s their health

        • Thanks for your inquiry. As indicated in their profile, Baby and Bentley are healthy pups!

  18. Oh my goodness , they are beautiful, are they still available,

    • Yes, they are still looking for their forever home!

  19. I’m just curious why they are so expensive? I thought rescues were just that. It is disgusting that ppl profit from these babies. It’s become a business and I pray that organizations like this get exploited

    • Thank you for your comment and the opportunity to provide you with important information. CCRT does not sell dogs, we adopt them out for a rescue fee. This fee is put to extremely good use including paying for the veterinary care required for all of our dogs. All CCRT rescues are spayed/neutered, brought up to date on shots, put on heartworm medication (where necessary), microchipped and have all medical needs taken care of before they are adopted out. Other medical needs may include very costly surgeries, dental work and long term illness care. The adoption fee for Baby and Bentley, which translates to $350/dog, creates a financial loss to CCRT as we’ve spent more than $700 on them to date – and we are happy to do so as we believe all our rescue dogs deserve the very best care. CCRT, as with all legitimate rescue groups, operates entirely by way of donations and adoption fees, we receive no government funding of any kind and everyone at CCRT is a volunteer; there are no paid employees in our group. We agree with you, there are many businesses that profit from the sale of pets, which is why we work so hard to discourage people from giving their hard earned money to them. Instead, we encourage the public to adopt from a shelter or rescue group, be it CCRT or another one of the hundreds of rescue groups in Canada. Adopt, don’t shop!

      • Thanks to all the volunteers at the CCRT who love and take care of all of these dogs! Keep up the excellent work!

      • Also CCRT has a palliative program in which adoptive fees and donations go towards. CCRT will take in dogs that we know will not be in a position to adopt out due to significant health concerns/age. Whether it be days, weeks, months or a year – the dogs will be loved and provided medical care until the end.

    • The cost of these babies is NOT expensive! We paid over 400.00 for neutering of our chihuahua ( neutering and mandatory pre anesthetic blood work) . Very expensive to own a dog for sure. It is a comittment you have to make when you get a pet.
      Best not to get a dog if one is not willing to pay for the cost of having , maintaining and caring for them .
      CCRT , you are doing such a great thing for the dogs in your care !!! Bless you !!!
      If I lived in Ontario I would volunteer myself to help this wonderful rescue. I have never adopted from you but possibly in the future. I currently have 3 chihuahuas already and am very proud of the care we give them . They are our kids for sure.

  20. Symantecs ….. If it’s a donation then why are you setting the price. And so what happens if they never get adopted due to the cost of the “donation”.. Perhaps people are more inclined to pay that same price for a puppy instead of paying that amount for puppies that already have behaviours or other medical issues. I think these rescue organizations need further examination

    • Thank you for your ongoing comments and allowing us the opportunity to continue providing you and the general public important information. The CCRT made a point of operating in a very transparent manner from day 1 and we are proud of our track record. As a registered charity, we are required to submit annual tax returns and have the choice to make these public or not. We’ve chosen to do so and our returns can be viewed here . CRA maintains the last 5 years online and requests for returns prior to that date can made directly to CRA. We encourage you and everyone to review these and any other rescue organizations’ returns as well.

      • Thank God for rescue organizations, otherwise where would these unwanted dogs go? I guess that’s a choice that you make (adopt or buy a new puppy). We paid $600 for our chi that was rescued (not from CCRT) because someone else was no longer able to care for her… WORTH EVERY PENNY!! We love her to death and we were able to give a new home to an animal that no longer had one. It takes special people to look after/adopt rescue dogs because you don’t always know what you are going to get. Everyone needs to make a choice that is right for themselves. Personally, I find puppy mills much more concerning than rescues!!

    • Chihuahuas from respectable breeders are not in the $600 range any longer… And care for new dogs that all responsible dog owners must commit too is Costly also. As far of these “behaviours” described here, as a repeat chihuahua owner and also after earning the love of a chi that had a previous home, these behaviours are quite easily diminished with love, patience, consistent expectations and A happy calm
      Demeanor. In return you will be rewarded in only the way a Chi demonstrates their love with loyal and protective kisses I’ve had a wee little girl that had been physically hurt by her owners punk
      Son. It took two years but that little girl is finally brave enough to be near males. I say well done! Pls don’t be so harsh with this organization when it appears your information or your opinion may be a bit hasty. They definitely have the love and safety of these wonderful dogs in mind and all of the rest of us are grateful and proud of them. Nobody likes everything so thanks for stopping by but pls find a place that is more in tune with what you are looking for… We are more than delighted with CCRT and stand by their hard work and dedication. I must say I don’t usually speak up but felt compelled following reading your remarks. Just want you to give them a fair shake please. They do excellent work and I believe if you read back over time you may have more information in which to formulate your opinion.

  21. I have nothing but respect for volunteers who work tirelessly with rescue organizations. To travel from Newfoundland to Ontario, it would cost approximately $700 per person and, because airlines will allow only one creature per crate, another person would have to travel as well which would mean approximately $1400 just in travel costs, not to mention hotel and taxi expenses. Add to that the adoption donation and it is out of reach of most people who would love to provide a good home to those little creatures. I hope Baby and Bentley find their forever home soon.

  22. Menmike it is a rescue fee,not a donation. These fees are no where near the cost spent to rehome these babies and I speak from experience. Please research some more before you condemn rescues and compare the cost to that of a new puppy. Chi puppies sell for an average of at least 800.00 each. If that includes first shots,deworming and vet check a new owner still has two more sets of shots to pay for then spaying or neutering averages 200.00 to 300.00 on the low end not including pre surgery bloodwork,iv fluids during surgery and extra take home pain meds. Then a microchip at that time costs at least 50.00. You never know what types of behaviours a new puppy will have so it is a great idea to take your puppy to training classes. So in the first six months of purchasing a puppy you have easily spent over 1300.00. Now compare that please to 350.00 for a rescue that has been given all of that care and then some by the time you apply to adopt them. With a rescue you also know any behavioural issues BEFORE you even decide to apply to adopt. As well a lot of rescue places will continue to help you work out those issues even after you have adopted your new furbaby! I could point out so many more facts supporting rescue organizations so please,please learn your facts before you start to criticize them needlessly!

  23. Wow, the person making the comments about the price of the adoption fee is extremely missinformed and ignorant about what takes to run such an amazing charity like CCRT. Furthermore, these are microteacup pups, caring for them is guaranteed to be pricey as they are fairly rare and higher need dogs. I think if anything the adoption fee is low (I’ve seen micreoteacups chis going for as high as 3k)…Keep up the good work!

  24. Are these two babies healthy enough to safely travel to another province?

    • Unfortunately, they have not proven to be good travelers. They cried quite a bit during their car transport to the foster home and never really settled down during the trip. A long distance trip might be difficult for them.

  25. Is there any update on Baby and Bentley? I remain very interested in adopting them both, however I see the note on your site indicating that they are currently not available for adoption. I wanted inquire as to how their transition and settling into their foster home was progressing and if there was any indication as to their adoption status changing in the near future? Thanks!

    • They are happy to know you asked about them! Baby and Bentley continue to overcome some challenging issues and until those are resolved, they’ll remain in foster care. Their adoption status will remain unchanged for the foreseeable future.

  26. Hello, I was wondering how baby and Bentley were doing? Are they healthy and happy?

    • Baby and Bentley were thrilled to know you asked about them. They are healthy, loved and doted on by their foster family. CCRT has decided to devote more time to them until Baby and Bentley are truly ready to be adopted. We’ll update their profile as things progress. Thanks for asking about them!

      • Oh I am so happy to hear that. I look forward to hearing more about them. Why is it that they are 3 years old and haven’t been for a walk? I thought that sounded different. My 17 year old chihuahua just passed away. She was also a rescue so I got her when she was 2. At that age she walked perfectly already. Is that normal?

        • Baby and Bentley were not walked prior to coming into our care which made it challenging for them. They didn’t know what to do the first time their foster family put on a harness and leash to go outside! Their walking behaviour and leash skills have improved since coming into CCRT.

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