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JT Chihuahua – Adopted April 2014

JT the 18-month-old, neutered Chihuahua comes to Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport as a stray from a Toronto shelter .

 “Zoom Doggie & Cuddler” Finds his way to CCRT

The first thing we have to tell you is that he is an amazing cuddler!  He will cuddle on the sofa while you watch TV or read a book. His favorite place to cuddle is in bed. He loves to sleep with his humans and any doggie friends he can find.

The second thing to tell you is that JT is no couch potato. He loves to play with his stuffed toys and will chase them around all day if you keep throwing! He loves to socialize with other four legged friends. He gets along well with cats. If you re looking for a playmate for your high energy dog, JT fits the bill.


Like any young dog, JT has manners to learn, respect for humans and other animals space. Being a Chihuahua he can be wary of strangers and takes a few minutes to warm up to new friends.  JT knows to use a pee pad but does have an accident once in awhile.  He is working with his foster family to perfect these skills.

JT may not have had too many car rides. He is a little nervous when he first gets in and he is wary of those suspicious looking windshield wipers.  He will however, settle and if the ride is long enough and he will even sleep. He will improve with experience.


JT had his first CCRT bath. He was not a big fan but his bath was done slowly and gently and he was fine.


He has short legs and stairs are a challenge. He is quite capable of using the stairs and does. The issue is that if they are uncarpeted and slippery he can have trouble. He falls not only down them but up them as well.  No stairs or carpeted stairs would be ideal.

This is a perfect opportunity to start a new adventure with a new friend. JT would make a wonderful addition to a loving caring forever home.

 Please note that JT is not suited to a home with children under 12.


If you would like to adopt JT, please fill out an adoption application.

JT Male Chihuahua Fostered by Chihuahua Rescue in Whitby, Ontario

JT Male Chihuahua Fostered by Chihuahua Rescue in Whitby, Ontario


You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.

Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters, by making a cash donation towards their care.



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  1. Hi
    Just wondering how he would be with another chihuahua she is 4yrs and also cats?

  2. Hi Val, I was at a chihuahua meet up today and he was there with foster mum and chi brother and about 12 other chihuahuas and he was fine with all the dogs and people from what I saw over the 2 hour meet up.

    • Hi Val

      JT is great with dogs and cats…and two legged humans too!!! Lol


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