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Sophie Has a New Home!

January 2017

Sophie has been adopted.


January 27, 2017

Sophie arrived at CCRT as the result of an owner surrender just one short week ago.  She arrived terrified and extremely nervous as a result of this major change in her life.  She has improved slightly, but remains very anxious and only slightly less terrified.  That being said, she has bonded well with her foster Mom and we are certain that she will bond well with her new human family when the time comes.  Behind her fear, which is completely natural given the circumstances, she is a sweet and loving pup.


Sophie is learning how to walk on a lead after never having experienced walks before.  She is extremely nervous outside and cars/trucks as well as typical outside noises scare her.  For a tiny dog, she is able to run unbelievably fast and she should NEVER be let outside off lead as any noise sends her running.  She has just begun to use her nose to inspect the array of smells outdoors, which is an improvement from her initial walks which were nothing more than a stressful situation where she wanted to be carried back inside.  With consistency, Sophie will become accustomed to going for walks and will become less sensitive to outdoor noise.  She barks at every passer-by on her walks, be it human or canine.


Sophie is reactive to new people and will bark her loudest bark when she encounters new people, be it outside while walking or visitors coming into the home.  She eventually warms to some, but this may take several visits.  She will eventually approach on her own terms when she is feeling comfortable.  As she is a very small dog, she is intimidated by quick movements and hands coming toward her.  Sophie will only be comfortable in a home with older children (12+) who will respect her space and use caution when approaching her.


This little Beauty is still a puppy and as such, LOVES to play.  She can play fetch for hours without tiring.  She would likely do well with another small dog as a playmate.  She will require a family who will ensure she gets a lot of play time and who will incorporate her into family activities.  She loves to be with her humans and does not like to be left alone or left out.  It would be ideal if her human(s) works from home or is only out of the house part time as she truly adores being with her family and she sits quietly on her foster Mom’s lap or in her bed beside her foster Mom’s desk while she works.  Sophie is a lap dog in every sense of the word and loves nothing more than cuddling on her human’s lap.


Sophie is not yet housebroken but is doing well in her training.  She is not pee pad trained.  She is learning how to do her business outdoors.  She has had a couple of accidents in the house but with all things considered (her anxiety level), she is doing very well.  She is not yet used to going for walks and going for bathroom breaks but with consistency, we have no doubt she will master this most basic doggie duty.


Sophie has *bilateral luxating patellas however requires no surgery, as per the vet, at this time.  She has long, lanky legs and her hind legs are a little wonky, almost “pigeon toed”, and the vet has recommended regular walks, play, exercise to build up her muscles.  Muscle tone may improve the situation but her hind quarters will always be a little wonky as this is genetic.  She has no problem running during play but tends to lift her rear right leg often, and her rear left on occasion.  Stronger muscles may improve this tendency to hold her back legs up.  At this time, she holds one or both closely tucked into her torso.


If you are interested in adopting Sophie, please fill out an adoption application.  You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her or any of our foster dogs.  Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a donation towards their care.



Vital Stats

Age: DOB: 28th March 2016

Weight: 3,6lbs( growing puppy)

Location: Thornhill Ontario

Adoption donation: $700

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  1. There is probably a waiting list for that little girl…….

    • Not officially – but we may need to start one!

  2. Just wondering how soon you anticipate she will be ready for adoption. She looks exactly like our Paco put the two together and you couldn’t tell them apart. Like brother and sister. LOL Paco had many many issues when we adopted Hi and his brother Chico at 7 months old. They were not socialized at all. They were basically like wild animals that with time and patience and lots and lots of love grew to be the most amazing pets we have ever had. We would love to know a out Sophie whe you get to know her. We are in Erin Ont.

    • It’s hard to tell at this exact moment. She’s new to CCRT so we want to give her a bit of time to settle in and show us who she is. Once we know more, we’ll update her profile. Stay tuned…..

  3. Hi, I am very interested in Sophie> please let me know when she comes available. I have submitted an application

    • She certainly is attracting alot of attention! We’re just getting to know her and her profile will be updated we have more info. Stay tuned…..

  4. I am very nterested in finding out more about Sophie……

    • She certainly is attracting alot of attention! We’re just getting to know her and her profile will be updated we have more info. Stay tuned…..

  5. Very interested. Please see the email I sent regarding Sophie. Lauren Sussex

  6. Please see my adoption application, Lauren Sussex

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