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Rescue, foster, rehabilitate, re-home Chihuahuas in need

Cuddly CJ

(CJ is the black and tan tricolour dog in the photos below)

C.J. has been with CCRT since January 2016 and he is very comfortable  with his foster family. His foster Mom has been working with him to get him comfortable in stressful situations. He has decided that cuddling is a good thing and will snuggle under the covers with his foster Mom. He still prefers to lie beside her when snuggling on the sofa, etc.

C.J. now walks on leash very well and is very attentive to his foster Mom, watching carefully to see what she wants from him. Unfamiliar loud noises, outside and inside, are still very frightening for him. As his trust increased, C.J. also learned to respond to verbal correction. He usually comes when he is called.

His housetraining is much improved. He will do his business outside during a walk and most of his pees are done on pee pads indoors. Unfortunately, C.J. walks while he poos so even if he starts on the pee pad, there is regularly a little trail that ends up on the floor.

C.J. has just started eating meals with his foster fur siblings. He does not always get that he doesn’t need to protect his food but with correction (being a time out) he is getting better.

When people come to the foster home’s door, C.J. goes on harness and leash so that he cannot attack the person’s legs.  C.J. needs slow movements in the initial greeting with treats being given to him by the visitor. It take him lots of time to warm up but if given that time, C.J. will take a treat gently from the visitors hand. His furever home should not have young and/or high energy children or dogs.

C.J. is a barker and needs a house with a backyard to run off some energy.

If you feel that your home fits the bill and you have the love, time and patience to continue teaching C.J. to be the best little boy he can be, please complete an online adoption application form.

You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our foster dogs by making a cash donation towards their care.


Vital Stats

Age: 6 years old, DOB November 22, 2009

Weight: 7.8lbs

Colouring: Black and Tan tricolour

Location Toronto

Adoption donation: $350

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  1. I’d like to know how they are doing. Thanks

  2. I want them both!

  3. What has happened that CJ & Louie no longer have to be adopted as a bonded pair? Will separating them not cause yet more traumatic damage in their personalities? Sounds like their first home didn’t take much time to care, train or love them… they probably started out as play toys for their young son. I feel sorry for CJ & Louie – but life isn’t always fair, is it?

    • Thanks for your interest in these 2 boys. The foster home has been working with a behaviouralist in order to help both CJ and Louie. The behaviouralist, as well as the foster mom, feel that in both dogs’ best interest, they should be separated. CJ is dominant and Louie is unable to let his personality come through because of CJ’s domination.

  4. Hello, I’d like to know if he is still available for adoption. Thanks Silvia

    • Yes he is!

  5. Interested in Cuddly CJ and Trusty Tango we would like more information please contact Margo

    • Hi there – if you’d like more information about these or any of our foster dogs, you can contact us at Thank you!

  6. I live in Nova Scotia…do you adopt any of your dogs out of Ontario?

    • Absolutely! CCRT is a national organization and we operate across Canada. Your adoption application will still be considered even if you and your future furry family member live far apart. A “meet and greet” is mandatory and you will be responsible for all costs associated with getting to that meeting (i.e., gas, flights, hotels, meals, etc.) in the city where the foster dog is being cared for. If your application is approved and the dog must be transported to your home, you are fully responsible for all logistics and costs associated with that transport. If the transport involves flying the dog, the dog must fly in cabin (no cargo) in an airline approved soft sided carrier accompanied by the adopter. Hope this helps!

  7. With the comment that CJ and Louis were separated because of dominant behavior, how would he be in a home where there is already a male chihuahua. We are hoping to pair ours.

    • We can’t confirm CJ would be best paired with another male dog, but that remains to be seen. He’s in foster care with female dogs and generally does well, but has learned which dog to leave alone and which one he can ‘push buttons’. All that to say, if you chose to apply for CJ, a meet and greet is necessary and would bring to light any initial issues.

  8. Because he is still on the site, does that mean he is still available??

    • Yes it does! CJ is still looking for his forever home – could it be with you?

  9. How’s his health?
    I have a female who seems to get bored n needs a friend

    • CJ’s health is fine. Perhaps he and your dog might become best of friends??

  10. Is CJ the Black and Tan or the brown one? Is the brown up for adoption?

    • Thank you for enquiring on CJ! He is the black and tan dog, the other dog has already been adopted.

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