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Rescue, foster, rehabilitate, re-home Chihuahuas in need

Apply to Adopt a Dog

The CCRT mandates that all pets currently in an applicant’s home be spayed or neutered (unless as per the advice of your veterinarian) before we will consider placing a rescue dog with you. We believe very strongly in the importance of spaying/neutering for many reasons, including the improved health of the pet as well as helping to curb the high incidence of unnecessary/accidental breeding.

CCRT also mandates all pets need to be appropriately vaccinated as per vaccination protocol (unless as per the advice of your veterinarian).

In many cases, we receive multiple adoption applications for the same foster dog. We do not adopt out our dogs on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Instead, all applications are reviewed with a goal of finding the most suitable forever home for the dog.

If your application is approved, you are fully responsible for all logistics and costs associated with that transport. When picking up the dog, the approved adopter is required to safely transport the dog home using a crate, dog seat, seatbelt restraint or other generally recognized safe method of vehicle pet restraint.  If the transport involves flying the dog, the dog must fly in cabin (no cargo) in an airline approved soft sided carrier accompanied by the adopter.

Adoption Application


The CCRT may contact your references to discuss your application and your previous experience with pets. Your references must not be related to you or live in your home and must know you for at least 1 year.

About the dog you wish to adopt

Your Household

Agreement to Terms

Neither this application nor any other document, undertaking or agreement to be delivered by the undersigned furnished to CCRT in connection with this application contains or will contain any untrue statement of fact or omits or will omit to contain a fact necessary to make any statement not misleading. There has been no event or information not disclosed in writing to CCRT which could reasonably be expected to have an adverse effect on the health, comfort, safety or well-being of the rescue dog. The CCRT charges an adoption fee and these fees help to cover the vet expenses incurred by the CCRT. All dogs are spayed/ neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations and heartworm preventative (if applicable) before ownership is transferred to an adoptive home.

Submission Guidelines

All fields must be completed before submission. Press the submit button once and wait for the results of your application. An automatically generated response will be sent to you to confirm that your application has been received by the CCRT. The CCRT receives dozens of applications on a weekly basis and we ask for your patience as our volunteers make time to reply to you. Thank you again for your interest in the CCRT.
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  1. very thourough, as it should be.

    • Thank you! We believe it’s important to gather as much information as possible right from the start so we can ensure a successful adoption.

  2. looking forward to any information, as I have questions of my own.

    • Hi there. If you have any questions about our adoption process or anything about CCRT, please email us at Thanks!

  3. Does CCRT receive some sort of funding or fees for sharing personal client info with partners Petpoint, 24 Petwatch, OSPCA Pet Insurance and Royal Canin? The application form does not seem to allow for opt-out of this.

    • CCRT does not get any monetary funding from the companies you mention.
      We use the applicant’s information to register the free 6 weeks’ insurance (which adopters have found useful to have if the dog needs vet care within 6 weeks of adoption —of course it is a limited insurance plan—but it does help!). When the Chihuahua is adopted, in order for CCRT to register a 24 Petwatch microchip (or another microchip provider if the chi is already microchipped when it comes into rescue), we use the applicant’s personal contact information. Petpoint is our data base, and the adoption contract, vaccination record, and insurance are generated through this database. Furthermore all the dogs’ information is stored in this database.
      Royal Canin provides rescues/shelters with adoption kits. CCRT registers the kit when the Chihuahua is adopted. We are given some points for the kit we register. We use those point to get bags of food for the foster chis when we have sufficient points to redeem for a bag of food (that’s how CCRT can give out Royal Canin Chihuahua food to the foster homes).

      • Hello Kathie, I am trying to submit my application and it keeps coming back “error” that my entry appears to be spam
        Any idea why this would happen….
        Thank You

        • Hi there, thanks for your message. So sorry to hear you’re having problems with our online application system. We can’t find any issues with it on our end. A few weeks ago, someone had a similar problem (we explored that issue as well, again, we couldn’t find nor duplicate the error) and they resolved it by clearing their history/cache and rebooting their computer. We recommend you try that as well and be sure to use a newer version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome when submitting your application. Good luck – please let us know if you encounter additional problems.

  4. Could you kindly let us know if you indeed received our application form to adopt.

    • We have indeed received both of your applications and they have been forwarded to the CCRT regional coordinator for your area. She will contact you within the next week or so, but please be aware that we have received an unprecedented number of applications for Sandee, Neeka and Myla. It will take quite awhile to sort through all these and to get in touch with all applicants.
      Thanks very much for your interest and your patience.

  5. Hello we have had a similar situation when applying online. Kept saying we had not filled in all the fields… I believe it has been submitted the second time …. Would you please confirm. Thanks very much.

    • I’m sorry you had problems completing the application the first time. If you received an auto generated message to your email account stating the application was received, then we got it. Thanks again!

  6. Just curious what things would be an instantaneous rejection if checked off or written? Thanks (:

    • That’s a difficult question as our system isn’t set up to automatically reject any application. We do review all adoption apps but are generally paying close attention to the questions relating to age (under 18 as it doesn’t allow you to sign an adoption contract), not allowing a home visit, convicted of animal cruelty and an overall incomplete application. Hope this helps!

  7. Hi Kathie! I was wondering if you accept applicants from the U.S.? I’m extremely interested in Coco and would like to apply, but it doesn’t appear I can’t choose the U,S, as my place of residence. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Thank you for your interest in Coco, unfortunately, we aren’t able to adopt our dogs outside of Canada. There are many pets in the US looking for forever homes, you may want to start by checking out our American counterpart, Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.

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